About Us

Whatever your level of interest in JRED Associates, we welcome you to our company. JRED is a technically competent, San Diego based manufacturers' representative firm that specializes in selling electronic components, SBC's in various card formats, and high level embedded computer engines to OEM and distributor customers. In the few minutes that it takes you to read this profile, we will tell you why customers and principals like to do business with JRED and why you will profit from your association with us. 

Our Customers Like Doing Business With Us.

They like doing business with us because we make their job easier. We are warm, friendly, courteous, enthusiastic, and responsive, and, above all, we are advocates for our customers - and they know it. Our sales engineers have a technical background, and they possess excellent product knowledge. We are an important resource to many of our customers. We're never reticent to put them in touch with a technical specialist when we can't solve the problem ourselves. We offer products from manufacturers that are established, reputable, and global in scope. We communicate with our customers in person, by phone, by fax, by e-mail, by special mailings, and at trade shows. Through the use of cellular phones and pagers, we are always accessible to them. We effectively communicate their needs to our principals. Our customers trust us, because we do what we say. We develop long term relationships with each other. This all works because we are trained professionals who like what we are doing and work together as a team to make customer satisfaction a reality.

Our Principals are Happy We Represent Them

Our principals love our product and customer knowledge, our professionalism, our enthusiasm, and our willingness to get the job done. And get the job done, we do. We keep in close communication with them, we respond to them in a timely manner concerning leads, quotes, forecasts, and reports, and we keep them up to date on current business conditions in the territory. They like us because we do the little extras, like pursuing those opportunities that most distributors and direct personnel would normally miss. Best of all, we usually exceed their goals.

Our primary sales tool is, has been, and always will be calling on customers. We are at our best during face-to-face meetings where we can provide service and technical assistance, design in products that we represent, and build long term advocate relationships. We reinforce our direct selling program with a matrix of marketing activities that generate new leads and build long term awareness of our principals' products in the minds of our customers.