Chen Tech Electric

All About Battery Testing…

Founded 31 years ago in Taiwan, Chen Tech Electric is the worldwide battery testing expert! For battery industry from materials, consumer electronics, to electric vehicles, they provide precise and reliable battery test/production equipment for  their worldwide clients to better understand battery performances and also produce long-lasting batteries. Software is user friendly and easy to learn with factory support always available. The working channels are reliable and robust for long lasting duration tests. CTE also adds value by offering application specific assistance and solutions.


 They proudly manufacture MIT (made in Taiwan) products, and ship  all over the world. Their 300+ customers cover battery cell / battery pack / lead-acid battery manufacturers, EV manufacturers, certification companies, chemistry companies, academic research labs, and more. With more than 300,000 sales records, their battery test / production equipment is widely installed in Asia, America, Europe, Oceania, and Africa.